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Why Your Commercial HVAC System Isn’t Cooling Your Office Space

Why Your Commercial HVAC System Isn't Cooling Your Office Space
Has your office space been uncomfortably hot and humid this summer? This may be due to your commercial HVAC system failing to function properly. If you want to keep the air conditioning and your employees working efficiently and effectively during the brutal Florida summer, consider these tips on why your commercial HVAC unit may not be properly doing its job.
Bigger Isn’t Better
When it comes to your HVAC system design, getting the biggest unit available isn’t always the best idea for heating or cooling your space. If you have an oversized unit installed in your office space, it will constantly turn on and off, causing the inside climate to be humid, and produce hot and cold patches of air that make the work environment uncomfortable for you and your employees. Considering the square footage of your workspace when installing an HVAC unit is important, but area is not the only factor that affects the temperature inside your office. The type of materials your building’s composed of, daylight, and internal lighting designs are only a few of the many factors to take into account when looking for a new HVAC unit.

Zonal Efficiency
Not all areas in an office space are equal. By implementing zonal control with your HVAC system, you can determine different temperatures for each room as necessary. When considering which spaces to cool differently, think about perimeter areas that are more affected by weather, computer rooms that generate more heat than the average office, and conference rooms that are prone to sporadic fluxes in temperature due to changing occupancies. To keep your office cool this summer, consider each room differently in order to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the workspace.

So if you’re finding that your office space is muggy and inconsistently air conditioned this summer, you may want to address these possible issues with an HVAC professional. Here at East Coast Heating and Air Conditioning, we can consult you on the best type of unit for your office space, and advise you on how to best monitor your workspace’s temperatures–so that you can keep your employees happy while working in a comfortably cool office climate.

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