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Why Heat Pumps Are The Best Choice For Florida Heating

Why Heat Pumps Are The Best Choice For Florida Heating
Keeping your home warm during the winter months can be an expensive endeavor. Despite the very mild winters most Central Florida residents have, we still have our fair share of chilly days.
The very large majority of Floridians heat their homes with electric powered systems as opposed to gas or propane utilizing systems. Of these electric systems, resistance heaters and heat pumps are the two popular forms for home heating. While both systems have their advantages, heat pumps continue to outshine resistance heaters in several categories, including efficiency. Here are a few reasons why a pump system is often viewed as the superior choice.

Efficiency Is King
One of the primary reasons a heat pump is ranked better than other electric options is efficiency. The efficiency only increases in temperate areas like Florida. Whereas an electric furnace needs to create heat, a pump is generally using the heat naturally found in the environment. This means far more efficiency and less energy expended to provide effective heating to your home. How much less do you ask? About 50% less electricity usage when compared to electric resistance heaters.

Keeping You Cool
One of the best features of a pump system is that it will cool your home in the hot summer months as well. Instead of needing multiple systems to achieve this affect, you can often skip the air conditioning systems and utilize your pump heating for cooling. With air conditioning costs sky high during summer, it is worth looking into. Instead of blowing cooler air into your home, the pump will simply draw hot air out of your home, resulting in a naturally cool environment. It may not be as fast as the cold blast of an air conditioner, but it does help keep costs down.

Banish Stifling Humidity
There are few things worse than unrelenting hot weather, and one of them is most certainly adding mugginess to the mix. Luckily, pump heating systems have the advantage of superior humidity control without the need for add-ons. Compared to most central air systems, you won’t need to worry about a dehumidifying component as it is naturally a part of this heating system. You can enjoy not having to worry as much about excess moisture and all the problems it brings, such as mold, into your home with most pump systems.

Deciding if a heat pump is right for your home is only the first step. There are multiple types of pump systems, including air-to air, geothermal, and those that utilize a water source. There are relevant advantages and disadvantages to each type so a careful review is warranted.

Regardless of your ultimate choice, you can be confident in an efficiency increase and lower electricity costs compared to alternative systems. For installation, repair, and all your heating and cooling needs, contact East Coast Heating And Air Conditioning today.

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