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Why Does Proper Sizing for Your Air Conditioner Matter?

Many homeowners have the misconception that the larger the air conditioner is, the better it will perform. However, if your air conditioning system is too large for your home, it will experience short-cycling (when the air conditioner shuts on and off rapidly), which will make your cooling process very inefficient.

On the other hand, if your air conditioning system is too small for your home, your system will be constantly running, making it very difficult for your air conditioner to effectively cool your home.

For these reasons, it’s imperative that you get the sizing right when upgrading your air conditioner.

But what’s involved in the sizing process?
Your Port Orange HVAC technician will take into account the square footage of your home, the height of your ceilings, the thickness of your walls, the type of insulation that you have, the number of windows in your home, the type of construction of your home, the number of lights, the environment in which you live, and other additional factors.
If this list of criteria sounds overwhelming to you, there’s no need to fret. Trained HVAC professionals do these calculations day in and day out, which is why you want to make sure that you use an HVAC contractor to size your air conditioner.

What are the benefits of an appropriately sized air conditioner?
As you well know, purchasing a new air conditioning system for your home is an investment, and making sure that you get the sizing right can help to prolong the life of your system.

If you take the proper measures to right-size your air conditioner, you should also benefit from lower utility bills as your system would be using less energy to cool your home. A correctly-sized air conditioner also typically means less repair bills as your system would not constantly have to be running.

A concern that some homeowners have regarding air conditioners is the noise. A common symptom of an incorrectly sized air conditioner is noise, which is related to air ducts that are too small to properly cool a home. When your air conditioner is appropriately sized, noise should not be an issue.

Our priority at East Coast Heating & Air Conditioning is to make sure our residential and commercial clients have comfort and control in their homes and workplaces. This means maintaining a consistent indoor temperature that you specify.

Please contact your Port Orange HVAC professionals to learn more about properly sizing an air conditioning system and the benefits that it can offer to you.

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