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Why a Refrigerant Leak Requires an Immediate Repair

When you rely on your air conditioner as much as you do when you live in Port Orange, Florida, you need to make sure that you keep your HVAC system maintained to prevent any disruptions in service.

While there are a number of repair issues that you may come across from frequent use of your air conditioner, few are as serious as a refrigerant leak. As your trusted HVAC professionals, we want you to understand how immediate this type of repair needs to be addressed.

Why is refrigerant important to your air conditioner?
Refrigerant is critical to your air conditioning unit as it removes the warm temperature from your home or office and replaces it with cool air that has been filtered through. However, if the refrigerant in your air conditioner is low due to a leak, the warm air will not be able to be removed.

While a refrigerant leak can create an uncomfortable temperature in your home or office, it can also lead to other repairs being required as well. For example, if your air conditioning unit is leaking refrigerant, it can cause serious damage to the compressor (one of the more expensive repairs you could encounter). The longer you wait to address a refrigerant leak, the more likely you will experience a downward spiral of other repairs needed.

It’s important to note that low refrigerant can also negatively impact the performance of your air conditioner and lead to costly repairs. Having routine maintenance performed on your HVAC system can prevent you from being in a situation where your refrigerant is low.

What are the common signs that you may be dealing with a refrigerant leak?
One of the more obvious signs of a refrigerant leak is if you notice a change in your air conditioner’s ability to cool your home or office. If you stick your hand near one of the registers, you’ll probably feel either low airflow or warmer air.

If you take the time to investigate what’s happening with the poor performance of your air conditioning unit, you may find water on the floor by the furnace or ice building up on the copper lines from the air conditioner to the indoor coils. These are also common signs that you’re dealing with a refrigerant leak.

How can you prevent a refrigerant leak from causing serious damage?
One of the best ways to prevent a refrigerant leak from happening in the first place is to have routine maintenance performed on your system by Port Orange, Florida HVAC professionals. Refrigerant levels are inspected during routine maintenance, so if a problem is identified, it can hopefully be caught early enough to prevent the need for a costly repair.

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