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When To Call A Pro For HVAC Maintenance

When To Call A Pro For HVAC Maintenance
These days it is easy to find DIY blogs and YouTube videos to demonstrate how to perform nearly any task, supposedly saving you from ever having to pay the experts again. Needless to say, the risks are great when attempting such ventures and this includes attempts at self-repair and HVAC maintenance.
Even if all goes well, many HVAC system warranties are void if you cannot provide documentation of regular maintenance being performed, so you may want to skip out on going completely DIY. However, there is a middle ground between doing nothing but programming your thermostat and attempting to do everything yourself. There is also a time when a professional should definitely be called. Need to know when a professional is needed? Check out some pointers below.

Annual Maintenance Is Professional Territory
Let’s just get this out of the way immediately, your annual HVAC maintenance needs to be performed by a professional who has the training and experience necessary to not only address any current issues, but provide you with forewarning of future issues due to the state of your system. Your HVAC technician will perform many potentially dangerous tasks such as inspecting and tightening electrical connections, measuring electrical current and energy draw, and dealing with refrigerant and other chemicals. It takes specialized knowledge to handle an HVAC system as it is fairly complex machinery, leave it to the pros.

What You Can Safely DIY
Despite the more involved HVAC maintenance necessitating a professional, you can safely do your part as a homeowner in keeping your HVAC system running smoothly. Outside of the cabinet is where you can make the most impact. Keeping your HVAC cabinet and control box clean and free of any debris is a great first step in ensuring proper operation. Remove any leaves or buildup directly around the box and keep the surrounding area tidy and easy to access. Inspecting your drip or base pan can tip you off on potential drain clogs in your system, so you know when to get help.

Performing a visual inspection for any noticeable leaks or damage on a regular basis is also a smart choice. Remember to clean and replace any filters as necessary. While your technician may clean your filters for you, it is best to perform this action yourself so your efficiency does not depend on a maintenance appointment. Lastly, feel free to check your ducts for leaks, there is no reason to wait for this, particularly if your energy bills have mysteriously risen.

HVAC maintenance is important for the longevity and efficiency of your system and should never be neglected. Stay safe by leaving all but the basic maintenance tasks to a certified technician. If your system is in need of maintenance or a tune-up to restore a loss of efficiency, contact East Coast Heating And Air Conditioning today to get the service you need.

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