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What To Check Before You Call For HVAC Service

What To Check Before You Call For HVAC Service
Homeowners and business owners alike expect their air conditioning systems to function flawlessly when needed, but what do you do when a problem arises? While it is certainly an option for those who prefer a more hands-off approach, you don’t need to immediately call maintenance at the start of every little issue. Occasionally a little investigation and a quick fix you can do yourself is all it takes.
Here are a few checkup tips before you resort to calling for service.

Check Power Switches And Breakers
Sometimes a simple power issue is what is causing your HVAC system to cease to run. First, ensure your home and area is not experiencing a power outage. Checking that the HVAC power is on and the circuit breaker is not tripped may save you a phone call and a service charge.

Some A/C switches look like your standard light switch and can be easy to accidentally flip off for those unaware or brushing past it. A tripped circuit breaker can sometimes be a one-time thing from the hard work high temperatures put on your air conditioning unit as we move closer to the summer months. However, if this becomes a frequent issue, contacting an HVAC professional or even an electrician can help determine the root of the problem.

Thermostat Problems
Believe it or not, some people completely ignore the thermostat when concerned about their home not cooling down properly. Far too many HVAC service professionals are called to homes where the only needed fix is a simple battery change in a dead or dying thermostat. With smart thermostats becoming more common, this is even more important to check.

Draining Issues
Built-in water safety protocols will prevent many air conditioning units from operating if the drain pan is full. Simply emptying the pan and flushing the drain line should get your A/C up and running again. If the drain line seems to be clogged or leaking, then calling for HVAC service may be your best option.

Dirty Filters
Everyone’s favorite problem to ignore can really make an impact on your air conditioning unit’s ability to cool your home. Dirty filters will reach a point where you simply aren’t feeling the cool, refreshing air you expected and you experience much longer A/C run times. A simple filter change is far less expensive than a typical service call, and you can extend the lifespan of your HVAC system by reducing workload as well.

There are a variety of common HVAC problems that do not need professional help to address. In order to save yourself some money, you can take the necessary steps to investigate common issues yourself. Not every problem will have a quick fix, with electrical and component related issues usually needing a qualified technician to address. For your safety, please do not attempt to use DIY solutions on complex and component-related complications. For all your HVAC installation, tune-up, and servicing needs, contact East Coast Heating And Air Conditioning today.

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