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What Takes Place During An HVAC Maintenance Call?

While you might find no shortage of reminders about the importance of HVAC maintenance, you may find yourself wondering what exactly happens during a maintenance visit. Not understanding the many steps that go into maintaining the smooth operation of your HVAC system can lead to failed attempts at DIY maintenance.
Not only can this invalidate your warranty, but it may also prove dangerous or make any problems worse. The basic steps of HVAC maintenance are typically the same across all providers, but slight variations do exist. You should always feel free to inquire what will be performed during your appointment before you schedule or pay.

Electrical Check-up
The electrical connections both indoors and out will be tightened if needed and checked for corrosion or other problems. All electrical components will be tested to ensure they are functioning. Voltage and current will be checked to make sure they are in the normal range. The system will be tested for the ability to start, run, and stop with no problems or shorts.

Lubrication And Refrigerant
This category nearly speaks for itself. Two liquids are extremely important in an HVAC system, lubricant and refrigerant. All moving parts will be lubricated and checked to make sure they operate correctly during maintenance. Refrigerant levels will be checked as well, as low refrigerant must be topped off and the source of reduction needs to be located.

Evaporator And Condenser Check-up
Evaporator and condenser coils will be cleaned and any obstructions removed. They will be checked for their ability to absorb and release heat. Inspection and cleaning of the condensate pan will also take place to remove any obstructions and overflow risk.

Heating Component Maintenance
Cleaning the blower assembly and making any necessary adjustments is an integral part of maintenance for HVAC systems. All heating elements and connections which carry gas or oil will be inspected, cleaned and tested for leaks. Inspection of flame sensor and the heat exchange will occur if applicable. Heating specific maintenance is usually performed right before the cold season.

Full System Check
The control system for your unit will be thoroughly inspected for proper operation. Thermostat function and settings will be tested as well as reading accuracy. Filters may be changed if needed. Any safety controls or limits will also be tested. Indoor and outdoor units will be cleaned and checked for problems. Any needed repairs or failing parts will be reported to you.

Thorough HVAC maintenance is a complex and risky option that should never be performed on your own. Trained and experienced HVAC technicians can take the headache and worry of keeping your functioning properly away. As an additional advantage you gain better efficiency and early warning of any issues that may become costly over time. To schedule a routine HVAC maintenance visit today, contact East Coast Heating And Air Conditioning.

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