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What Kind Of HVAC Filter Should I Use?

What Kind Of HVAC Filter Should I Use?
It’s a common scenario. You’re at the hardware store staring at a wall full of HVAC filters. The vast number of options can be overwhelming. With all of the filters to choose from, how are you supposed to know what will work best for your home and HVAC system?

What does an HVAC filter do?

It’s important to note what role your filters play in your HVAC system. A common misconception is that its purpose is to filter the air in your home. However, the filter isn’t there to clean the air in your home, so much as it is to make sure clean air is in your unit, which will then be circulated through your home. Dirty or inefficient filters let dirt into the HVAC system and can negatively impact the ability of your HVAC unit to function properly. By filtering the air that enters your unit, you’re ensuring that your air conditioning system runs correctly without dirt and grime causing damage or strain.

How to Choose a Filter
While it may be tempting to buy a filter with the highest filtration levels possible, this can actually be detrimental to your HVAC system. Again, you aren’t trying to filter every foreign contaminant from the air. When the filtration is too strong, it makes it difficult for the HVAC unit to take in enough air. By reducing the amount of air it can effectively intake, you put undue strain on the entire unit. This will cause damage and unnecessary repairs that could have been avoided had you chosen a more moderate filter.

Choosing a filter with a more moderate level of filtration is typically the best bet for most home owners. Very cheap filters will allow filth into your HVAC system which will then be circulated through the air in your home and these filters will need to be replaced much more frequently. Aside from causing strain on your system, higher level filters also have a higher price tag. A mid-range filter will be more economical while helping your HVAC unit to work most efficiently.

If you want to reduce the amount of waste you produce, you can also purchase filters which can be reused. Just rinse them off with the hose once a month and put them back when they’re completely dry. It’s important to ensure that there’s no remaining moisture in the filter as this can cause a whole other set of problems. Because these filters can easily last 5-10 years, these are often the most economical while also reducing the number of filters you send to the dump.

Maintaining your HVAC unit in order to avoid costly and inconvenient repairs involves more than just changing your filters each month. In order to ensure your system is running efficiently it’s important to also have regular maintenance done by an expert. If you haven’t had Spring maintenance done yet in preparation for the hot Summer months, contact East Coast Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule it!

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