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Warning Signs Before HVAC Failure

Warning Signs Before HVAC Failure
Not all air conditioning unit failures happen suddenly without warning. Often there are signs and symptoms of an upcoming failure before it happens. Knowing exactly what to look for is half the battle, the other half is not ignoring the signs and scheduling service.
Here are the symptoms that can alert you to a future breakdown and give you time to repair or replace as necessary.

Loud Or Abnormal Noises
Most air conditioners are going to cause at least some noise while running, even the newest models who cite their quiet operation. However, it is noises that are uncharacteristically loud that can point out a potential problem. Any grinding or banging are the most concerning sounds, as delay can turn a quick cheap bearing replacement into an expensive component repair. Be alert to anything that is out of the ordinary, and don’t be afraid to ask your HVAC service company over the phone if the sound you are hearing is normal. These problems can usually be caught early during your HVAC maintenance visits and are yet another reason not to skip out on the check-up appointment.

A/C Turning On And Off Rapidly
An air conditioner that switches on and off rapidly is said to be short cycling. Far from being a minor annoyance, this can drastically increase the likelihood of needing a repair if the cause is not addressed in time. Giving your filters a check to ensure they are not dirty should be done first as it just may save you a service call if that was ultimately the reason. Beyond that, professional evaluation will be needed to diagnose and repair the source before damage and breakdown occur. There are many reasons that an air conditioner can short cycle, but all will put undue wear and tear on your compressor so avoid delay.

Air And Airflow Problems
Nothing sends people calling for HVAC maintenance faster than an A/C unit that blows hot air or stops working entirely. To avoid getting to that point, look out for subtle changes and an overall reduction in air quality. If your air conditioner is taking longer and longer to cool down your home, this may be an early warning of problems. Also be aware of odorous air, particularly any burning smell as it a serious sign of something already gone wrong and potentially dangerous. Airflow that feels weak or even nonexistent is an issue that needs investigating quickly.

Leaking Air Conditioner
While condensation is normal for our Florida weather, leaking around your A/C unit is not. During any HVAC maintenance visit, your technician will check for any leaking refrigerant, as well as checking your drain line for leaks. If you notice leaking around your unit, it may be from a clogged or disconnected drain line. While drain line issues are not too expensive to repair, water damage to electrical parts, damage to your property, as well as mold and mildew buildup are a larger, more expensive concern. For your safety, get these problems repaired immediately before they become dangerous, costly, and result in a true breakdown.

Take advantage of the many signs an A/C will typically give before failing. If something doesn’t feel, sound, or smell right then don’t hesitate to call a professional to check it out. Costs will only increase the more a struggling system is pushed to continue working despite problems. Contact East Coast Heating And Air Conditioning today for all HVAC maintenance and repair needs.

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