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The Smart HVAC is the Next Big Step in HVAC Maintenance

The Smart HVAC is the Next Big Step in HVAC Maintenance
Don’t look now, but everything in your home is getting smarter. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the concept for the future’s smart indoor spaces: a world where your utilities and appliances will be linked together using advanced sensors.
Through their newfound ability to collect and share information from the environment, day-to-day items we take for granted will provide truly personalized living experiences.

For example, refrigerators can alert you when your dairy is going bad. Lights can turn on or off automatically based on occupancy of the room or brighten to fend off intruders.

Not surprisingly there’s great potential in HVAC maintenance.

Future Technology Will Change HVAC Maintenance for Everyone
Your HVAC system is one of the major contributors to energy bills. Here in Florida, the costs associated with residential temperature management can double from March through August.

Not surprisingly, the better your HVAC maintenance routine, the more money you can save.

Unfortunately, being proactive with HVAC care can be a challenge.

Most folks have three options:

  • Wait for a HVAC problem to present itself, then call for help ASAP.
  • Check for symptoms like leaks and hope you spot a problem early.
  • Get HVAC maintenance done yearly and hope it catches everything.

Of these options, #3 is by far the best available today – especially for business owners, who can face workforce health problems and liability if their maintenance falls behind.

But what if there was an even better way to ensure your HVAC system never fails?

The Internet of Things has the solution: Specialized sensors integrated directly into key HVAC components. These sensors will be able to gather data on minuscule fluctuations in component performance and issue warnings when preventive maintenance is needed.

Simply by knowing operating tolerances of each component, these nifty new mechanisms will note when things don’t work quite as they should.

They can even monitor trends over time, ensuring they respond to real issues and not temporary blips that could happen in any mechanical system.

For those who consider themselves high tech “early adopters,” there may be more.

HVAC system manufacturers are hard at work making the next generation of components fully IoT-compatible. By sharing anonymous performance data among themselves, devices will be even more accurate in their maintenance insights.

That’s called predictive maintenance.

Ultimately, it’ll allow machines to file maintenance requests.

Until the Smart HVAC Revolution, Annual Maintenance is Still Your Best Bet
It’ll be another 5-10 years before smart HVAC technology is refined and widely available.

Even once it hits shore, it may be a while before it becomes commonplace: Most businesses and homeowners avoid full-scale HVAC replacement until absolutely necessary.

Until then, a regular HVAC maintenance contract remains the most cost-effective option.
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