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The Simple Way To Improve Indoor Air Quality

The Simple Way To Improve Indoor Air Quality
The indoor air quality of your home is nearly equal in importance to the efficiency of heating and cooling. For those with allergies, asthma, and other breathing conditions, cleaner air can really cut down on the number of flare-ups that plague you on a regular basis.
While many homeowners simply opt to tackle air quality issues at the HVAC level, there are multiple simple steps that can be taken to help improve the quality of air in your home. The greatest benefit of these small changes is that the majority of them cost nothing to implement, and instead involve easy changes in routine that can positively impact the air circulating around you.

The Fresher The Better
If you’ve ever felt that the air within your living space is musty or stale, you’re probably right. Unfortunately, many HVAC systems continuously recirculate the same air, and it is often up to natural air leaks within your house to bring in the majority of your fresh air. This causes another problem as, the more modern your house, the more airtight it is. That leaves obtaining fresher air up to you. The free route is to open your windows more often and allow fresher air inside.

Even on chilly days, opening a window in an unused room for a few hours and allowing it to gradually mix in with the rest of the house’s air can help dilute the stale air stuck recirculating around inside. Fresh air intakes and energy recovery ventilators are other options that can be added on to your existing HVAC system to keep your fresh air supply going strong.

Routines For Cleaner Air
Vacuuming around the house may be routine for you, but dust, dander, and other allergens affecting your air quality lurk in more than just your carpet. Make sure you give your rugs a good vacuuming as well, as simply shaking or beating them outside does little for many of the suspect particles. Don’t forget the less touched items such as bedding within unused guest rooms, drapes, and pet beds. All three items can be a huge source of problems. Houseplants are pretty, but are best left outdoors as the benefits of the oxygen they may provide is outweighed by the opportunity to hold mold and other allergens. Changing your HVAC air filters regularly is a given, but investing in an air purifier either stand-alone or as an HVAC accessory is also a good choice. Lastly, get in the habit of removing shoes by the door, this contains any brought in issues to a single area.

Increasing your home’s air quality doesn’t typically involve any huge cost, and substantial improvements can be gained with a few small changes. Your HVAC’s filtering system works hard, but its effectiveness is limited when thorough cleaning is lax or overlooked. To learn more about increasing your HVAC’s role in improving the air quality of your home, contact East Coast Heating And Air Conditioning today.

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