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The Link Between Heating And Flu Season Safety in Florida

The Link Between Heating And Flu Season Safety in Florida
This year’s flu season has been one of the worst in recent memory for Florida. By the end of January, 61 of Florida’s 67 counties reported increased flu activity. Several residents have been killed by flu, with the death toll highest among children and the elderly.
It’s crucial for Floridians to do what they can to minimize their risk.

Your residential HVAC system has a big role to play in protecting you.

Not Sick Yet? Heating Can Help Your Body Fend Off Flu
In 2018, flu season happens to coincide with unusually cold weather for Florida.

Many Floridians aren’t used to that and – we’ll be frank – don’t like it very much. The difference has been noticeable not only in coastal areas, which have higher temperature variance throughout the year, but also in inland communities that tend to be warmer year-round.

In one sense, colder weather is great: In Florida, it means millions of pesky, disease-carrying mosquitoes are dormant for a while. However, it can also wreak havoc among humans.

While it’s not true that being cold will get you a cold, there’s a relationship between temperature, the flu, and your immune system.

Some quick facts:

Under these conditions, a good heater will complement your body’s defenses.

In Florida, it’s a good bet your heating system doesn’t see much work outside of winter. If you want to protect yourself from flu, however, it’s a good idea to take the plunge and let the heater run more often – particularly overnight, when the body’s natural temperature regulation is less active.

This one small factor can make a big difference!

3 Ways To Boost The Benefits Of Your Heating System
Heat alone won’t stop you from getting the flu, but it can give you one more advantage that may allow your body to fight it off before it takes root. Naturally, if you come down with the flu, your temperature needs might vary in the course of the infection.

To help keep that from happening, take these simple steps:

Update Your Air Filters
No matter how recently you’ve cleaned or replaced the air filters in your heating system, now is the time to do it again. Viruses and bacteria can become trapped in your filters and recirculate through the air multiple times. A new filter means fewer of these disease-causing agents.

Add A Humidifier
Most Florida heating systems don’t come with humidifiers – the air outside is humid enough already! However, a humidifier in your living room or bedroom can make a big difference in how warm or cold you feel. Why? Simply, more humid air can hold more heat.

Call For HVAC Maintenance
Like any other mechanical systems, the parts in your AC and heater gradually wear out over time. This reduces your airflow, so it takes longer to reach the temperature you want and you spend a lot more money doing it. HVAC maintenance can get you back on track.

Lots of factors influence whether or not you might get the flu this year, but the temperature in your home is one you can control. Contact East Coast Heating and Air Conditioning for help.

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