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The Heat Is On: 4 Ways Save On Air Conditioning Costs After May

The Heat Is On: 4 Ways Save On Air Conditioning Costs After May
Welcome to Florida’s warm season, also known as “most of the year!” It’s the middle of May, and that means it’ll soon be hot enough in most of Florida to fry an egg on the pavement. Lucky ducks living on the coast can enjoy a nice breeze and lower average temperatures, but even they have some sweltering days ahead.
Here at East Coast Heating and Air Conditioning, we see more calls in June, July, and August than any other time of year. We’re always glad to help, but there are many things you can do to beat the heat and cut cooling costs, too.

How To Boost Efficiency And Lower Air Conditioning Costs: Four Options

Check Your Air Filters
When it comes to maintenance issues you can take care of easily, your air filters are the big thing to keep an eye on. When air filters become dirty, the air conditioner works harder, draws more electricity, and needs more time to reach the target temperature.

Dirty air filters are also a major contributor to a unit breakdown.

During the summer, it’s a good idea to check on your air filter every few weeks. The longer you need to run your unit, the faster filters get soiled. Depending on the type of AC, you can wash or replace these. If you’re not sure which option is right, check your owner’s manual.

Clean Around Your AC
A related but distinct problem. Your air conditioner can get dirty and full of gunk thanks to a number of factors. The biggest issue for most Florida homeowners to look out for is yard waste.

If you notice that your air conditioner seems to attract a lot of yard waste or storm debris, it can be a good idea to update your landscaping. Shrubs or potted plants can make helpful windbreaks.

Close the Blinds
Insulation, programmable thermostats … all of these are great ideas, but what can you do fast?

One of the easiest things Florida homeowners can do to keep cool is to simply close the blinds.

Many people swear by blackout curtains to keep light and heat to a minimum. Unfortunately, black absorbs lots of solar energy, while white and relatively light colors reflect it. One good compromise is to use dark drapes or curtains inside and light-colored shutters outside.

Keep Doors Closed
During the winter, doors and windows are both major sources of heat loss. In the summer, the reverse problem rears its head. Cracked or warped windows and doors interfere with the natural heat cycle of the home, foiling the efforts of your already hard working air conditioner.

As a general rule, you make a meaningful little dent in the total cost of owning your home by making sure damage to doors and windows is repaired as soon as possible and seals remain tight.

If there’s nothing structurally wrong with a door, it still deserves your attention: Keep exterior doors closed as much as possible to make things easier on your air conditioning. Kids can easily overlook this, so if you have any young ones running around, remember to remind them.

Last, but not least, keep an AC repairman on speed dial! The sooner you fix problems with your AC, the better. Even relatively minor mechanical issues may cause it to shut down in high heat.

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