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Repair Or Replacement: Which Is Right For My HVAC?

Repair Or Replacement: Which Is Right For My HVAC?
Summer is in full swing and the intense heat is undoubtedly bringing out the best, or worst of your HVAC unit. The realization that your air conditioning system is no longer performing to your expectations, especially when it is needed most, can cause a serious dilemma for a fix. Repairs or long overdue maintenance can often be the solution to a drop in efficiency or problems. However there are definite situations where replacing your HVAC system is the right choice to make in the long-term.
Nearing The End Of Lifespan
In general, HVAC systems should ideally last 15-20 years with proper maintenance and care. Unfortunately for those who live in coastal areas that are particularly hot and humid, the lifespan is often greatly reduced to 10 years and even less with older, outdated units. The money invested attempting to get a failing system to last just one more harsh Florida summer is better spent elsewhere. Consider installing a newer system if you are at or nearing the end of your unit’s lifespan as repeated repairs may not give you the return you are looking for.

Warranty And Sudden Breakdowns
Most homeowners would be aware of a gradual reduction in HVAC effectiveness over time leading to eventual shutdown. If maintenance has already been regularly performed you may need to consider replacement. When your air conditioning unit suddenly stops working, it is worth looking into repair, especially if you are still under warranty. There is rarely ever a reason to throw away a good warranty for a replacement as warranties always cover less than the expected lifespan of the unit.

Taking Advantage Of An HVAC Upgrade Or Replacement
Replacement of your air conditioning system does not always need to be in response to a system failure. Upgrading your system to more technologically advanced options or those that benefit your family can also be a reason for replacement. Replacing units that have reached or surpassed the 10 year lifespan often brings generous energy savings that more than make up for the cost over time. Changing to a ductless system adds additional benefits such as drastically improved air quality, more efficient cooling and overall lower monthly cost. Whether you are looking to reduce your environmental impact, improve air quality for allergy sufferers or get back the bang in your cooling efficiency, a newer model can have exactly what you need.

The decision over repair or replacement doesn’t need to be agonizing and can often be solved by weighing the pros and cons of each option. For those unsure, asking the opinion of your certified repair or maintenance specialist at their next visit just may give you the insight you need on your best course of action. Regardless of your eventual decision, contact East Coast Heating And Air Conditioning to get the professional service or new unit installation you need.

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