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Preparing Your Air Conditioner For Warmer Weather

Preparing Your Air Conditioner For Warmer Weather
Florida gets a jump start on the warm weather that many states can only expect during the summer months. This means ensuring your air conditioning unit is working to the best of its ability should be done long before the dog days of summer hit. Depending on your personal comfort preference, you may already be running your A/C with recent temperatures in the 80s.
Even if you’re not yet using your air conditioning, preparing it for the upcoming heavy usage season is never a bad idea. After all, nearly everyone has experienced the horror of an out of commission A/C system when it is needed most. Get your A/C into tip-top shape with these tips.

Outdoor Cleanup
Grass, shrubs, and debris will not spare the outdoor portion of your air conditioning unit. Clearing a 1.5-2ft space around your condenser is necessary to prevent any airflow obstruction and other problems. Clean off and wipe down the unit completely. Use your water hose or a coil cleaning solution and brush to clean condenser coils. Lastly, check the condensate drain for clogs and dump the pan if it contains any standing water. Remember that your the safety settings of your air conditioning unit will most likely cease operation if the drain is overly full or clogged.

Fans And Filters
Perform a simple fan and operation check by turning on the fan setting and listening for it to start up. Then run your A/C for a five-minute test run. Should either of these fail or function poorly, it is time to contact a professional to determine the root cause. If all goes well, you can move on to filter replacement. Replacing filters is often overlooked with far too many homeowners opting to use them well past their effectiveness. A purpose-suited, routinely changed filter means more efficiency and lower energy bills. Trying to force air through a dirt-clogged filter or one with an unnecessarily high MERV rating can reduce efficiency and increase A/C runtime.

Spring Maintenance
There are a variety of tasks you can perform on your own, for free to help prepare your HVAC system for the summer heat. However, none of these DIY tasks can truly replace the benefits, expertise, and early warnings for problems that professional HVAC maintenance can deliver.

Spring and Fall are the best times to schedule a maintenance appointment as they get your A/C unit or heat pump ready for the upcoming season. The small cost of the visit will definitely pay itself off by helping you avoid slowdowns, drops in efficiency, and repairs that result from the neglect of routine maintenance.

An air conditioning system is an important part of the comfort of your home or business. Don’t start off the warmer seasons with malfunctions or a unit that takes too long to cool your home. Once all the DIY tasks have been done, schedule professional maintenance to give you the peace of mind knowing your A/C is functioning at its best. For HVAC maintenance, service, and installation, contact East Coast Heating And Air Conditioning today.

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