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Let Your HVAC Give You A Helping Hand During Allergy Season

Let Your HVAC Give You A Helping Hand During Allergy Season
Our great state of Florida may have a lot of benefits, but a short and mild allergy season is not one of them. We rank at the top on several lists for having a miserable and enduring effect on allergy sufferers. While many residents simply do their best to avoid triggers and take medication, you shouldn’t overlook the help your HVAC unit can provide. Innovation and advances in filtering have made it so your hvac can help you breathe easy as well as stay cool.
So if you are interested in a boost to your a/c unit’s allergen fighting potential, follow our short guide below.

The Dehumidifier Defense
Unregulated humidity is the enemy of allergy sufferers everywhere, and it is also relatively unpleasant. Warm houses with high humidity are the ideal environment for dust mites, and perfect for increasing mold and mildew, all common allergens. A well-functioning a/c unit should dehumidify the air as it cools. If your HVAC system is not achieving this result, than it may be time to schedule hvac maintenance to determine why. Some units simply cannot tackle the amount of humidity in a home without an extra boost, so whole home dehumidifiers may be needed to help out.

What’s The Fuss About Filters?
Any hvac owner is well aware of the importance of filters, but few realize standard filters are designed to protect your HVAC system, not your lungs. All the dust and dirt that an ordinary filter blocks is to prevent buildup in the system itself, which would reduce efficiency. Learning how to spot a filter that is specifically designed to capture allergens will finally make your filter work for you just as well. Allergy causing particles are much smaller in size and so a normal filter will simply not do the job. Bear in mind that the more restrictive your filter, the harder your HVAC unit needs to work to push air through it and some are not meant for single family home systems. Do your research to find the ideal filter for your situation and reap the benefits.

Dealing With Ducts
On your next HVAC maintenance visit you may want to inquire about duct cleaning with the visiting professional. While your new allergen-fighting filters may be fantastic at helping prevent more allergens from getting into your home, it does nothing for existing allergens in your duct system. Having your ducts cleaned out should end the cycle of circulation for these substances as well as removing dust, dirt, and other particles sitting around inside. Duct cleaning may seem like an unnecessary expense, however, as it doesn’t need to be done more than once every few years the cost is well worth the benefit.

There is no need to fight the war against allergies alone. One of your greatest tools is a system you use throughout the year. The first step in making sure your HVAC is doing the best it can is to schedule hvac maintenance. After completing maintenance, consider the extra steps suggested above for a bonus to combating common allergens both inside and out. For professional hvac service and repairs, contact East Coast Heating And Air Conditioning today.

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