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It’s Time to Start Thinking About Fall HVAC Maintenance

It's Time to Start Thinking About Fall HVAC Maintenance
While it may seem that the hot summer days will be happening for several more weeks, it is not too early to start thinking about fall HVAC maintenance whether you have a furnace, boiler, or a heat pump. Before you know it, the Port Orange’s cooler nights and mornings later in the fall will be here. You will want your heater to be ready the first time you reach for your thermostat to take the chill away.
Hard at Work All Summer
If you have a heat pump, you know how hard it has been at work this summer keeping your home cool and comfortable. Even though you may have had it tuned up in the spring, you should also have a tune-up before switching it over to heat your home. It is recommended that if your heat pump is your primary heating and cooling systems, it should have maintenance twice a year, in the spring and the fall. Your heat pump requires many of the same maintenance that an air conditioning unit usually requires. Because your unit relies on refrigerants to operate properly, checking its refrigerant level and for evidence of any leaks is a crucial part of its maintenance service.

So, What About Your Furnace or Boiler?
Even though it has been sitting for months unused, a lot can happen during that time with your furnace or boiler. This equipment should also be serviced each fall before it is turned on for the season. Dust, corrosion, and other debris can settle in that can cause your HVAC system to run less efficiently and put it at risk of a breakdown.

What Does Fall HVAC Maintenance Entail?
Furnaces and heat pumps have different maintenance needs. However, all these needs can be met during fall HVAC maintenance. During this important service, our expert technicians will begin by inspecting your system for signs of wear and tear that could cause it to run inefficiently or lead to an eventual breakdown when you least expected it.

Where needed, adjustments will be made according to manufacturers’ recommendation, along with recommended part replacements. When problems are found, the technician will recommend that repairs be made before putting the unit into service for the season. It is easier and less expensive to fix your heating equipment while the problem is minor. If left unrepaired, the problem will begin to affect other components, put your system at risk of a breakdown, and will cost more to repair in the future.

Safety checks are part of an HVAC maintenance service. Because of Florida’s humid climate, an important part of maintenance is ensuring that electrical connections have not corroded, which can cause a shock or fire hazard to you, your family, and home. Testing for carbon monoxide leaks is also important during your maintenance service. This deadly gas can be present when your system is malfunctioning, if a crack or hole is present, or if the is a blockage in your system’s ventilation.

Benefits of HVAC Maintenance
The benefit of having HVAC maintenance is that you have the assurance that your system will be ready for the winter chill. But did you know regular maintenance ensures that your system will run more efficiently. An efficient system helps save you money on your utilities because your heater will use less energy to heat your home. You will also save money because well-maintained heaters will last longer than equipment that is not regularly maintained.

The indoor air quality in your home will also improve with having your system serviced regularly and its filters changed often. This means your home will be more comfortable for your family and help reduce respiratory and allergy symptoms.

A Small Investment that Pays Off Bigtime!
The money you spend having your heater maintained each year is always money well spent. It is an investment in maintaining your HVAC system. Poorly maintained systems do not last as long as those that are serviced according to manufacturers’ recommendations.

You can further protect your HVAC equipment and your family’s comfort by investing in a maintenance agreement. The benefit of having an agreement entitles you to fall and spring maintenance services and such perks as:

  • Priority or 24-hour repair service
  • Discounts on maintenance, repairs, service fees, or future HVAC installations
  • Extended warranties on parts and labor

Beat the Rush and Schedule Now
Now is the best time to schedule your fall HVAC maintenance service. Getting your service out of the way now will help ensure your system is ready for the first chilly night. It will also eliminate any unpleasant surprises if your heater fails to start up or heat your home.

Contact East Coast Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment for your fall HVAC service now for the best availability. Remember to call us for all your home’s heating and cooling maintenance, repair, and installation needs throughout the year.

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