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Is It Time to Consider Replacing Your Air Conditioner?

Is It Time to Consider Replacing Your Air Conditioner?
Well summer is here, and by now, you have been using your air conditioning almost every day as you try to keep your Port Orange area home cool. How is it doing so far? Is it struggling to keep your home cool? Did your electric bill drastically increase from what you were paying last summer? It could be time to consider whether it would be in your family’s best interest to replace your air conditioner. Here are a few ways to tell it is time to replace your air conditioning system.
Your Air Conditioner is Old
Most air conditioners will have a useful lifespan between 10 to 15 years depending on how well it has been maintained throughout its lifespan. But with each year, your unit will continue to degrade in its performance. You may have one repair after the next, which can quickly become expensive, especially if the parts become hard to locate because of the age of your unit. The money spent on repairs could be better spent on a new air conditioning system.

You’re Afraid to Look at Your Electric Bill
Are you afraid to look at your electric bill during the summer? For some families, air conditioning can account for almost half of their monthly electric bill this time of year. The most common reason is that your air conditioner is no longer running efficiently because of its age or it may not have been properly maintained throughout its lifespan. Choosing to replace your air conditioner with a new ENERGY STAR model could potentially reduce your energy usage by at least 20% or more. Today’s air conditioners are required to have higher SEER ratings, which means more money in your pocket each month from energy savings.

Your Air Conditioner Needs a Major Repair
Over the lifespan of your air conditioner, you can expect a few repairs. Depending on the age of your unit, many of the parts and labor for those repairs may have been covered under your unit’s manufacturer’s warranty. If you need a major repair, and your air conditioner is out of warranty because of its age, it is usually more cost-efficient to put that money toward a new system. Not only do you avoid making one repair after another, but you will start saving money on your cooling costs and be covered under a manufacturer’s warranty once again.

Your Air Conditioner Cannot Keep Up
On extremely hot and humid days, it can be normal for your air conditioner to run more while trying to keep your home comfortable. However, if it seems like it is always a struggle to keep your home cool, it could be that your unit is improperly sized. A unit that is too small for your home can run constantly and still not get your home as cool as it should be. On the other hand, a unit that is too big for your home will short cycle and blast your home with frigid air. Either way, an improperly sized unit makes your home uncomfortable and is adding to your electricity bill. It is better to have a new air conditioner installed that has been sized by a professional installation team.

You Have Concerns About Indoor Air Quality
Today’s newer air conditioners use better filters and have more features and add-ons that can help improve your home’s indoor air quality. Here in Florida, humidity is a major concern for homeowners, especially during the summer and storm season. A new air conditioner can help reduce humidity that can cause unhealthy and destructive mold and mildew from growing in your home. For added air quality protection, consider having an air cleaner installed, also.

You Have Recently Renovated Your Home
If you have added rooms to your home, your current air conditioner may not be enough to accommodate the added space. This also comes down to the proper sizing of your unit. With a new unit, it could be possible to add new zones to cool any added rooms or previously unconditioned areas in your home that are now being repurposed.

You Want to Take Advantage of Smart Technology
Smart thermostats are the latest and greatest thing for efficiently cooling and heating your home. You do not need to worry about whether you have raised the temperature of your air conditioning when you leave for work. The smart thermostat handles that for you and can make sure your home is nice and cool for when you get home. Replacing your older air conditioner now with a new advanced model will allow you to take advantage of the latest smart technology available.

You Plan to Sell Your Home in a Few Years
Having a newer air conditioner or entire HVAC system makes your home more attractive to buyers who do not want to immediately spend money on major repairs. A new air conditioner will help maintain the value of your home and help prevent haggling related to heating and cooling equipment at contract time.

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