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Improving Air Quality Beyond Filters

Improving Air Quality Beyond Filters
The indoor air quality of your family home or business is an important factor in the selection and worth of any HVAC system. Today’s air conditioning units can and should be doing more than simply regulating the temperature of the buildings they are located in. With the start of flu season beginning and colds on the rise, it is a good idea to make sure your HVAC system is doing the work of keeping germs and other contaminants from being spread around your home.
Filters are often the first line of defense, but are not the only option. Whether a sick employee came to work instead of taking off, or your daughter picked up a cold from school, a couple of correctly installed additions to your system can help to keep the sniffles from becoming a small, internal epidemic.

HVAC UV Lights
Nearly everyone has heard about the multitude of uses for ultraviolet lighting for everything from sterilizing and eliminating superbugs within hospitals, to purifying water. Home and business owners can also benefit from the germ, virus, and mold fighting capabilities of ultraviolet light. Several manufacturers sell HVAC UV attachments that can kill the sickness-causing particles before they can recirculate through your building. In our humid Florida weather, any additional defense against mold is surely welcomed, and as an added bonus, UV lights are more effective in humid air.

Ventilation Systems
Modern homes and business are typically securely insulated as a rule, cutting down on excess heating and cooling costs among other things. Unfortunately, this also means sacrificing fresh air which can result in an unbearable stuffiness and hamper your overall air quality. Energy Recovery Ventilators, or ERVs for short, exchange the stale air inside your home for fresh, filtered, and dehumidified air from outside the home to increase your comfort. With a constant supply of fresh, filtered air, you can worry less about the number of germs or other pathogens steadily increasing over time. The built-in dehumidifying function of an ERV also means less moisture in the air for dust mites and mold to flourish.

There is no better time to consider adding on an air quality improvement device to your HVAC system. Along with allergy season, cold and flu season can be quite punishing in any building with poor air quality or inadequate filtration. While many people view HVAC systems solely for temperature regulation, with a few reasonably priced additions they are capable of much more.

As always, your air conditioning system will function best when properly maintained, so be sure to schedule an annual maintenance visit before buying a product to correct a potential problem. To get started improving the air quality of your home or business, contact East Coast Heating And Air Conditioning and ask how we can help.

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