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HVAC Maintenance Tips For The Winter Months

HVAC Maintenance Tips For The Winter Months
Florida is blessed to have very mild winters, and the heating half of your HVAC unit is unlikely to get much thought until the temperatures begin to drop overnight. Of course, it may be tempting to not bother with HVAC maintenance for this small part of the year where it can get a little chilly, but this choice can be rather costly.
Proper semi-annual maintenance of your HVAC system can not only make sure your unit is in working order, but also give you the heads up on any current issues that can lead to significant repairs if left unchecked. So with the potential for colder days fast approaching, here are some maintenance tips to keep you warm.

HVAC Maintenance Steps To Take Yourself
The first step for preparing your heating system to come out of its hibernation status will always be a filter change. Just as with your A/C, you do not want your heating system to work twice as hard trying to push heated air through a dirty filter. A filter change keeps your efficiency up and your costs down. Another good choice is to run your heat for the first time while you are home. In the era of smart thermostats, you may never need to worry about the heat switching on as necessary in your home, even while you are away. However, the first time your heating turns on for the year can be a tip-off to any problems with your unit that require HVAC maintenance or repair. Ensure the heating vents are clean and unblocked, including by furniture. Finally, give your system a visual inspection and take note of anything that is out of the ordinary.

Warning Signs That HVAC Maintenance Is Needed
There are often clear signs when something is wrong, but if ignored you may end up with a much larger expense. Listen, look, and smell for anything that strikes you as odd. If you hear any strange sounds or detect an abnormal smell coming from your heating system, its best to switch it off and contact a professional immediately. If it takes unusually long to heat up your house when compared with previous winters, this is also a sign of potential problems. It may be as simple as the struggle of an aging HVAC, or it may be more serious. If your heating system outright fails to start, or shuts off before properly heating your home you should also call a professional. A final tip is to give your heating system a test run before it is actually needed. This test run will be performed at your HVAC maintenance visit, but can be completed by you as well.

Chilly winter nights are no fun for anyone. Avoid uncomfortable surprises with routine winter HVAC maintenance. To schedule an appointment today, contact East Coast Heating And AC.

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