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HVAC Maintenance this Season is an Investment in Your Family’s Comfort

HVAC Maintenance this Season is an Investment in Your Family's Comfort
Summer will soon be here and so will the heat and extreme humidity. Now is the time to make sure that your air conditioner is ready by scheduling its annual service. It can be tempting to skip HVAC maintenance thinking that it will save you some money. However, what many people do not realize is that the price you pay for this vital service could actually save you money and ensure that you and your family will be comfortable in your home this summer.
Why Do You Need HVAC Maintenance?
Your air conditioner works hard every summer with keeping your home cool and reducing the humidity level inside it. Like a car, your HVAC system requires service at certain intervals. This is to make sure that it is running as it should, and not at a risk of breaking down.

During your air conditioner’s maintenance service, your experienced technician:

  • Inspects the components of your air conditioning system
  • Measures the system’s refrigerant pressure, checks for leaks if needed, and adds refrigerant if needed
  • Checks all electrical connections for looseness, fraying, and scorching
  • Cleans dirty components
  • Lubricates moving parts
  • Makes adjustments to or replaces components according to manufacturers’ specifications
  • Replaces air filter
  • Checks condensate line and condenser pan for leaks, clogs, and rust
  • Runs the system through a cooling cycle to make sure it is working properly
  • Measures temperature of air coming out of vents
  • Recommends any repairs that should be made before putting the system into service for the season

Benefits You Can Achieve with HVAC Maintenance
One benefit you will achieve by having your air conditioner serviced is that the chance that your system will break down is greatly reduced. This can make a huge difference in whether you and your family will be made uncomfortable and be inconvenienced on the hottest days of the year. HVAC maintenance also makes sure that your system is safe to run without any electrical hazards that could cause injury or damage to your home.

However, one of the biggest benefits you will achieve with maintenance is that your air conditioner will continue to run efficiently. When your unit is running efficiently, that means it also uses less electricity to run. This is a big deal considering that for many homes, air conditioning costs account for almost half of their monthly electric bills.

Do not skip your air conditioner service this season. In the Port Orange area, contact East Coast Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your HVAC maintenance today. We maintain and repair all makes and models of heating and cooling equipment.

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