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HVAC Maintenance Musts for Your Port Orange Area Home

HVAC Maintenance Musts for Your Port Orange Area Home

Whether your home’s heating and cooling system is a year old or ten years old, it requires HVAC maintenance at different times during the year. Regular maintenance helps ensure that your heater and air conditioner are always ready when you need them. It also helps reduce the chance that you will need emergency repairs when you least expect it or can afford it.

Here are several maintenance musts that Port Orange area homeowners should follow to keep their heaters and air conditioners at the top of their game:

Do Monthly Filter Inspections

Your HVAC system’s air filter is often an under-appreciated part of your system. All the air that goes through your system will pass through this filter. It is your system’s first defense for keeping dust, pollen, pet hair, and other debris out of your equipment and from being recirculated in the air in your home. You should be inspecting your system’s air filter each month and replacing it with a new one when it is dirty.

Dirty air filters are more than just a risk to your home’s indoor air quality. They are the top reason for HVAC system failures. When your system’s filter is clogged with dust and debris, it has difficulty moving air through your system. Your system must work harder, which means it is using more energy and experiencing increased wear and tear of its components like its blower fan. It also may freeze up or overheat because the conditioned air cannot travel through the system as it should. For these reasons, inspecting and replacing your air filter should be considered an essential part of HVAC maintenance.

Don’t Skip Your Annual Furnace Maintenance

With Florida’s moderate winter temperatures, you might not use your furnace very much during the winter. You may be tempted to skip your annual furnace maintenance. However, doing so could cost you money. Like your car’s preventive maintenance schedule, your furnace needs to maintained according to its manufacturer’s recommendations to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. A furnace that struggles to heat your home uses more energy to run and your utility bills will show it.

A yearly furnace maintenance service entails inspecting your system and making any needed adjustments. If your technician sees that there are components beginning to wear out, he will recommend what should be replaced to prevent further wear and tear on your system. Catching minor problems before they grow into larger and more extensive repairs helps save you money and protect your family from the inconvenience of your furnace completely breaking down. The money you spend on your annual furnace maintenance is a well-spent investment in ensuring that your furnace will achieve its expected lifespan while also maintaining its efficiency.

Do Not Skip Your Yearly Air Conditioner Service Either

Your home’s air conditioner works hard from spring through fall cooling your home and helping control humidity. For it to do its job efficiently, it needs HVAC maintenance every spring before you put it back to work for the season. It is estimated that in some homes, air conditioning use can account for up to half of their money electric bill. If you want to keep your cooling costs in check, do not skip this essential maintenance.

During your air conditioner’s preventive maintenance service, your tech will inspect your system for problems that will affect its operation. Its refrigerant level will be measured and recharged if needed. If the refrigerant level is very low, your system will be checked for leaks. Both indoor and outdoor components of your air conditioning system will be inspected for wear and tear. If problems are found, your tech will provide you with recommendations to resolve them.

Have Ductwork Was Inspected and Cleaned

Do you remember the last time that you had your ductwork inspected and cleaned? If you cannot remember, it is time to have it done. Most homes need to have their ductwork cleaned every three to five years, and if you have pets, you may need it done more often than that. It is easy to forget about your ductwork until there is a problem with airflow being reduced or indoor air quality issues.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If you have an extremely energy-efficient central air conditioning system, you could be losing money on your investment if your ductwork has deficiencies. Holes, cracks, and loose joints allow conditioned air to seep out before reaching your air vents. But more critically, these openings can allow dust, mold, and mildew to get inside your ductwork. If not removed, they can have a negative impact on your home’s indoor air quality.

Address Indoor Air Quality Issues Before They Get Out of Hand

Speaking of indoor air quality, does the air in your home seems stale or musty? While it could mean that your ductwork needs cleaning, it could also be a sign that your heating and cooling system needs HVAC maintenance sooner than later. If your system cannot keep up with humidity, it may be time to consider having a new HVAC system installed or integrate an air cleaner or dehumidifier into your existing system.

Hire a Port Orange HVAC Contractor You Can Trust

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