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HVAC And Pets: What You Need To Know

HVAC And Pets: What You Need To Know
Pets are beloved members of many families and, few people would trade them for anything in the world. With an HVAC system on your property, pets can bring in additional challenges when it comes to keeping them safe, and your air quality at its best. Before you reconsider your furry friend, understand that the few extra steps needed are not time-intensive, nor are they expensive in any way. Keeping these tips in mind will make sure your HVAC system runs flawlessly for many years to come.
Fido And Filter Changes
Pet dander and pet hair can wreak havoc on your indoor air quality, as well as your filters if they are not changed often. While your particular brand of air conditioning filter may claim to last 90 days or more, pet owners may find that their HVAC system runs more efficiently with a higher frequency of changes. Pet birds, especially cockatoos and other parrots, are notorious for the amount of natural dust and dander they create and it can take a serious toll on your HVAC system. To make sure this isn’t a major efficiency-impacting issue in your home, check your filters often for dust and pet hair buildup and replace as necessary.

Indoor and Outdoor Dangers
For pets that spend time in your backyard with access to the outdoor portion of your air conditioning unit, consider fencing it in if at all possible. While your playful puppy likely won’t cause too much damage, the tendency to urine mark property can result in corrosion of your unit. Both Indoors and outdoors, keep an eye on your pets to ensure they are not chewing the wiring system of your HVAC. While dogs can often be reliably trained not to chew on such items with time, other pets such as rodents and parrots are more likely to reattempt whenever they are unsupervised.

Ducts And Ventilation
Your air conditioning efficiency depends on having a clear path to your home. Air ducts in a multi-pet household (or even a single, shed-heavy pet) will undoubtedly collect a lot of dust, dander, and pet hair over time. Those who live in homes with floor vents can have an additional problem, as pets will often happily lay down over such vents to catch the cool air while leaving hair behind. Keeping your vents clean and clear of hair is a simple step you can usually do on your own. Duct cleaning of your air conditioning setup will require a professional.

There are many ways you as a pet owner can help keep your air conditioning system running smoothly. One of the biggest tips is to groom and brush your dogs outside, especially during shedding season. Scheduling regular HVAC maintenance is another way to keep everything in tip-top shape. Contact East Coast Heating And Air Conditioning today to schedule a maintenance appointment.

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