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How’s Your Thermostat Persona Affecting Your AC Bill?

How's Your Thermostat Persona Affecting Your AC Bill?
We all have our individual preferences and resulting habits, but when it concerns the use of your thermostat those habits could be costing you money and putting undue stress on your HVAC unit. Recognizing these seemingly innocent routines can be the first step towards making positive changes that affect your wallet, as well as your unit.
Do you see yourself reflected in any of these thermostat personalities?

The Absent Minded Professor
“Set it and forget it” is the name of your game. You set the thermostat when you moved in and you probably haven’t looked at it since. Unfortunately, this means that your HVAC system is likely working unnecessarily to cool your home when you aren’t there. You can save as much as 10% a year on heating and cooling by simply changing the settings several degrees higher or lower (depending on the season) when you are asleep or away from home.

The Fiddler
Too cold? Set the thermostat higher. Now you’re too warm? Set it lower again. This on again off again micromanagement is akin to stop and go traffic. You’ll get higher MPG with a consistent speed on the highway, much as your HVAC unit will be more energy efficient if it isn’t repeatedly turning off and back on throughout the day. Not to mention that you’ll constantly be getting up to go change the thermostat, unless of course you’ve opted for a wireless model.

The Cranker
You’re hot, so you crank the thermostat down to 70deg, when in reality you’d be perfectly comfortable at 76deg. The idea here is that by turning the thermostat lower the temperature in your home will drop at a faster rate. In fact, your HVAC unit will produce the same amount of cool air, and reach the desired temperature in the same amount of time, as if you had just set it to 76deg in the first place. So, you run the risk of forgetting to turn the thermostat to the temperature you really wanted and thereby over-cooling your home, but the cooling will happen at the same rate regardless. It would be more efficient to exercise a little patience, or perhaps stand in front of a fan if you’re looking to feel the wind in your hair.

How a Programmable Thermostat Can Help
Investing in a programmable thermostat can help you to avoid these pitfalls by creating a consistent schedule for your HVAC unit, as well as improving your unit’s efficiency and possibly saving you some cash in the process. This type of thermostat is convenient because your unit can begin heating or cooling your home prior to your usual arrival or wake time so that the temperature is already at your comfort level without any further effort on your part. Programmable thermostats range in price from basic affordable models, to fancy wireless and smart models that will cost considerably more.

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