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How to Know if it’s Time to Replace Your Home’s HVAC Unit

How to Know if it's Time to Replace Your Home's HVAC Unit
Replacing your residential HVAC unit is a pretty big investment. The average cost of a unit, not including installation, is in the thousands. Luckily, with proper maintenance an HVAC unit replacement is typically a once in a lifetime experience.
So, how do you know if this is your one time or if your unit simply needs a repair? To decide, ask yourself these three questions;

1. Do you maintain your system?
If the extent of your HVAC unit maintenance is occasionally changing the filter in your home, chances are your unit could use a good cleaning and tune up. More often than not, malfunctions of the unit are caused by dirty coils and other elements that keep the system from functioning properly. Seasonal maintenance will ensure that your system stays clean and will operate at optimal efficiency, which will help you avoid costly repairs and premature deterioration of your unit.

2. How many times has your system been repaired?
If you find that repairs are becoming more frequent, it could be that your system is on it’s last leg. However, it could also be that the person servicing your unit didn’t find the root cause of the malfunction. Sometimes an electrical issue can be overlooked and continue to cause problems after other parts are replaced. That’s why it’s important to have your unit serviced by a credible HVAC expert who wants your system to last as long as possible.

3. Do the repairs seem to make a difference, or is something always broken?
If you’ve had multiple repairs done, but the unit still doesn’t seem to work well, it may be time to think about replacing it. If you experience ever higher energy bills and frequent repairs, but the air in your home never seems to get cool enough, it may be a sign that further repairs would be a waste of money. By investing in a newer unit, you could actually save money on a monthly basis if you consider your current operating costs. A new unit will be more energy efficient while also doing a better job of heating and cooling your home.

Hypothetically, you could keep repairing your aging unit indefinitely, but it typically isn’t cost effective and you would just be delaying the inevitable. There are usually incentives available through government programs or even your energy company if you buy a newer more efficient HVAC unit. These can provide some help with the cost of replacing your unit.

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