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How to Ensure an Easy and Successful HVAC Maintenance Call

How to Ensure an Easy and Successful HVAC Maintenance Call
We’ve all been there: You want to call in an expert to get something done around the house, but you sure don’t want to spend the rest of your day waiting for someone. On top of that, there’s always the possibility that whoever you call won’t be able to fix the problem you’re having or even diagnose it the right way.
At East Coast Heating and Air Conditioning, our team works tirelessly to make things easy for you. Even so, there are always certain things that our customers can do to help us provide them with the best quality of service.

Next time you’re thinking about a HVAC maintenance call, take these simple steps:

Look Around
Anything you can tell us about the problem you’re having will make things easier. Usually, you can describe issues in general – for example, warm air blowing from the air conditioning – and we’ll take it from there. Sometimes, more specific details can be very valuable.

For example, if air isn’t blowing through one duct, which duct is it? If your heater or AC isn’t giving you the performance you want at a certain time of day, when does that happen? These little factoids can be vital to finding the perfect solution.

Call in Advance
It’s usually better to call help in the early stages of a problem rather than once things go south. Once you notice your air conditioning acting up, things usually won’t improve on their own. By calling early, you help ensure that you won’t be scrambling to respond to a crisis.

Of course, emergency repairs tend to be more complex and costly, too!

Another issue is scheduling. Naturally, appointments made during earlier time slots are more likely to be right on schedule. In any business, delays accumulate as appointments roll on during the day. We’ll always strive to be punctual no matter when you call, of course!

Be Present
Although some teams will agree to service your system when you’re not there, this is not very common with residential HVAC maintenance. Under certain circumstances, businesses can let technicians onto the premises after hours, especially when there’s a commercial safety concern.

Long story short: Most of the time, technicians want to have the homeowner present.

There’s two big reasons for this (and many smaller ones):

  • We want to be able to respond to any questions or specific concerns that you have.
  • We want you to see that we are treating all of your property with the utmost respect.

Although you don’t have to do anything much during a service call, it is always better to be around. We are always glad to hear from you after a call is over to verify that everything is working the way you expect it to, too. If there’s any follow-up concerns, never hesitate to call.

Let’s face it: Life in Florida can be rough without a working air conditioner. At East Coast Heating and Air Conditioning, our goal is to make sure that you never have to sweat it.

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