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How to Avoid Issues With Your Air Conditioner’s Blower

How to Avoid Issues With Your Air Conditioner's Blower
If you have a ducted air conditioning system in your home or office, you rely on a large fan called a blower to push the cool air from the evaporator into your living or office space. This being said, the blower is one of the most critical parts of your air conditioning system.

However, as you can imagine, fans have a tendency to have a lot of moving parts, which makes them more vulnerable for developing issues. If some aspect of your blower is malfunctioning, you can experience a number of issues with your air conditioner, from low air flow to no cold air at all.

As always, it’s best to call your Port Orange, Florida HVAC professional for service as soon as you notice an issue with your blower. Otherwise, the longer you wait, the more uncomfortable your home or office space will be and the higher the cost will likely be to service the repairs.

To help you be on the lookout for such issues, here are 3 of the most common problems that can develop with an air conditioner’s blower:

1. Fan Blade Issues
Fan blades are screwed into the blower’s motor base. The constant and rapid rotation of these fan blades can cause them to become loose, bent, or broken over time. If this does occur, the fan blades could potentially come in contact with other parts of the air conditioning system, causing further damage and need for immediate service.

2. Electrical Issues
Many people do not realize that the blower has its own motor and wiring. In addition, the motor has two capacitors to start and run the blower. The older your air conditioning system is, the more likely you are to experience some issues with the electrical connection and power supply as the capacitors and wiring break down and corrode over time.

3. Motor Issues
A blower with an older motor can begin to experience problems if it becomes overheated, has a lack of lubrication, or simply becomes burnt out with old age. As soon as you start to notice an issue with your motor, it’s best to get this repaired as soon as possible as the blower can’t function without it.

Having preventative maintenance performed on your air conditioning system by a trained and certified Port Orange HVAC professional is the best way to avoid the need for emergency service calls and keep your system operating efficiently.

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