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How Long Does An HVAC Unit Last?

How Long Does An HVAC Unit Last?
Let’s face it, HVAC systems are an expensive investment into the quality of life at your home or business. Anyone who has sat through sweltering heat and humidity with little more than a fan or perhaps an underperforming window unit to help, knows how much worth an HVAC unit actually has.
With such a high price, particularly with increasingly advanced systems, the underlying question is, how long will your purchased unit last? As a consumer you need to be sure you are getting your money’s worth and for any HVAC system this means analyzing the factors that could influence the lifespan of your unit.

Major Factors That Affect Lifespan
HVAC maintenance, or the lack thereof, will forever be the primary factor that influences how long your unit will last. Maintenance is not simply for a boost of efficiency, but also involves correcting issues that can seriously harm the life of your unit over time. HVAC maintenance may be significant but it is not the only variable that can reduce the lifespan of your unit. Other factors include:

  • Overall humidity levels
  • Frequency and duration of usage
  • Salty, coastal environments
  • Low-quality components and budget brands
  • Having an “Only when it stops working” approach to HVAC maintenance
  • Improper usage of your unit
  • Using a unit that is too small for the area to be cooled or heated
  • Filter changes

Standard HVAC Lifespan
The typical lifespan for an HVAC unit is 15 to 20 years. Many home and business owners choose to replace their HVAC system sooner to reap savings based on efficiency and for the improved function of newer units. Without proper care for your system, including annual HVAC maintenance, this lifespan can be shortened considerably. Excess strain will eventually break down the components of your system no matter how fancy or well-cared for it is. This is why buying units that are way too small, or forcing your system to pump air through filters that haven’t been changed in a long period of time is detrimental to the overall lifespan. Areas that are coastal or have high humidity face unique challenges that can often take 5 years off of unit lifespan alone. Researching and choosing brands or types of units that are designed to be resistant to your particular environmental concerns can alleviate some of the harsh impact.

Despite the expense, an air conditioning system should offer many years of satisfying climate control for your property, making it a useful investment. When considering price, do not forget to include the expected cost of HVAC maintenance which is necessary for continued proper function. Avoid rushing into a decision as, due to the length of lifespan, a mistake could mean you are stuck with an under-performing system for many years to come. For your maintenance, service or installation needs, contact East Coast Heating And AC today.

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