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Get Your Home Ready for Summer’s Heat!

Get Your Home Ready for Summer’s Heat!

The summer heat and humidity that all Floridians know so well will soon be here. Is your home ready for the hot months ahead? The cooling experts at East Coast Heating & Air Conditioning have several suggestions for things you should do now to prepare your HVAC system and home.

Get Caught Up with HVAC Maintenance Now

Spring HVAC maintenance is the best way to avoid emergency repairs or total breakdowns this summer with your air conditioner or heat pump. This vital maintenance helps ensure that your system is ready to get to work and stay on the job keeping your home cool and comfortable throughout the season. If you skipped your maintenance service last year, it is time to get back on track.

Air conditioners that receive yearly HVAC maintenance are less likely to have unexpected breakdowns. The beauty of this service is that your technician will inspect your system, and if problems are found, they can be fixed before they grow into bigger and more expensive repairs.

Yearly maintenance helps keep your air conditioner running efficiently, which keeps your cooling costs lower. It also helps your unit reach its expected lifespan. If your air conditioner is still under a manufacturer’s warranty, it needs professional maintenance to avoid voiding your warranty.

Remember to Change Filters

It is essential to remember to stay on top of filter changes during the summer months. A dirty filter can cause your air conditioner to run less efficiently. In some cases, your unit could shut itself down because it cannot get adequate airflow because the filter is clogged.

Some air filters are supposed to last three months. However, it is a good idea to check your filter every month to make sure it is not clogged with dust, pet hair, pet dander, or pollen. If you notice that your home smells a little musty or seems dustier than usual, a dirty air filter could be the culprit.

Make the Most of Your Ceiling Fans

Many people run their ceiling fans throughout the entire year. But once the warmer weather arrives, you want to make sure that the blades are switched to spin counterclockwise. This way, the blades push air downward to create a cool breeze against your skin.

A ceiling fan does not actually create cool air. Instead, when it moves the air, its breeze helps evaporate the sweat on our bodies to make us feel cooler. Remember to turn off fans in unoccupied rooms or when you are away from home to help save energy.

Keep Your Electric Bill in Check

For many households, the cost to run their air conditioners can account for almost half of their monthly electric bills. You can mitigate this expense by trying to conserve energy in other ways like turning off lights when you leave a room, or better yet, upgrading your light bulbs to energy-saving LED bulbs. Remember to unplug small appliances or chargers for your electronics when not in use because they still use a small amount of electricity when not in use.

Upgrading to a smart programmable thermostat is a good way to rein in your cooling costs. It is easy to forget to raise the temperature on your air conditioner before you leave for work each morning. A programmable thermostat can do that for you automatically and lower the temperature before you come home. You can also set it to gradually raise the temperature as you fall asleep. An added benefit is that many new thermostats allow you to connect to them remotely via a phone app that connects to your internet.

Be Prepared for Summer Storms

It is normal to have severe rainstorms with heavy winds and lightning during the summer months. To protect your air conditioner, it is always a good idea to turn it off if your electricity begins to flicker or entirely goes off. This could help avoid electrical problems from sudden power surges caused by a storm.

Another concern with summer storms is the debris from tree branches and leaves that may fall on or around your condenser cabinet outdoors. Once it is safe to go outside, make sure that there is no debris caught in your unit’s fan blades or cabinet. If there is, always remember to shut off the power to your unit before attempting to remove debris from it.

Make sure to keep the area around your condenser cabinet free of debris. This includes any branches, grass, or weeds that could block airflow to your air conditioner.

Remember We Are Here When You Need Us

The best time for yearly HVAC maintenance is before the busy season begins. But remember, East Coast Heating & Air Conditioning is always here when you need us in Port Orange and the surrounding area. Contact us for your next air conditioner maintenance, repair, or installation.

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