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Easy Winter HVAC Check-up

Easy Winter HVAC Check-up
Few things can be more frustrating than your heating system failing to function when a chilly day finally hits. No one wants to spend the day waiting for a repairman, and all of us dread the ultimate bill from that fateful encounter. Once you are stuck in this situation your options are truly limited, but a little forethought and winter prep can help reduce the chance of this becoming a reality for you. Avoid these nasty last minute, midwinter surprises by being proactive.
Winter Check-up Checklist
As temperatures have cooled down from their previous highs, you may not have been running your HVAC system as often as in other seasons. This does not mean that the need to clean and check its efficiency has also decreased. Here is your own HVAC maintenance check you should do, preferably before cold weather hits. Your first step in this check-up should be to check and clean your vents. Remove all the built-up dust, debris, pet hair, and other issues that can block proper heat distribution. Also, move any furniture that is blocking vents. It isn’t impossible that your home not heating fast enough is a product of blocked vents.

Cleaning your filters should be your next step and we know, this is everyone’s favorite HVAC maintenance reminder. Just like with your vents, trying to force your much beloved warm air through something overflowing with dust or other issues blocking it means a lot less warmth is getting through. With filters clear, test your heating system by turning your thermostat higher than the current temperature. This helps you make sure everything runs well without any major, noticeable problems.

Next up is to change your thermostat settings to keep you comfortable in your home. The last thing you want to do is come into a freezing home and crank up your thermostat on the spot, well beyond the temperature you actually desire in the vain hope it heats faster. With the basics done, the finishing touches on any check-up are professional maintenance.

Winter’s Welcome Maintenance
Your twice annual HVAC maintenance schedule includes one to prepare your heating system for the winter. If you missed it, now is the opportune time to get that thorough maintenance check-up done. Your HVAC’s electrical system, components, moving parts, and ability to operate efficiently will all be tested on this HVAC maintenance visit. You will be informed of any outstanding issues or wear and tear that needs to be addressed at this time. Most importantly, you will likely have decreased the chance of any untimely surprises happening midwinter. Let East Coast Heating And Air Conditioning help keep your Florida home warm this winter, contact us today.

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