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Don’t Lose Your Cool this Summer With Spring HVAC Maintenance

Don’t Lose Your Cool this Summer With Spring HVAC Maintenance

Spring is just a few short weeks away, and before you know it, the Port Orange area will be feeling the heat as summer weather starts heating up. The last thing you need these days is to stress over air conditioner repairs and the cost to run your air conditioning. Here are a few ways to prepare your air conditioner for the summer heat and not lose your cool this summer.

Don’t Skimp on Professional Preventive Maintenance

Regardless of its age, every air conditioner should receive professional maintenance every year before the cooling season begins. This essential service prepares your unit for the hot summer months ahead. It is a small investment when you stop and consider the cost of a major breakdown and the inconvenience it will cause your family when you least expect it.

During an annual maintenance service, your service technician will inspect your air conditioner to ensure that it is working properly and efficiently and is safe to operate. The technician will:

  • Make manufacturer-recommended adjustments
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Check electrical connections for looseness, scorching, or fraying
  • Inspect and replace the air filter as needed
  • Test refrigerant levels and recharge as needed
  • Measure cooling temperature
  • Inspect condensate pan and drain for clogs and mold
  • Recommend any repairs that should be done before a season startup

Make Repairs as Needed

If you want your air conditioner to run efficiently and make it through the summer without breaking down, it is essential to make repairs when needed. Strange noises like screeching, knocking, rattling, or hissing will not go away on their own. Having problems repaired right away helps prevent wear and tear on other components in the system that may be affected, thus averting a major breakdown.

It is more cost-efficient to make a small repair early on than replace additional components or, in some cases, your entire air conditioning unit. If you suspect your air conditioner needs repair, do not hesitate to immediately contact East Coast Heating & Air Conditioning.

Repairing vs. Replacing Your Air Conditioner

In Florida, the average well-maintained air conditioning unit could last 15 to 20 years. However, if you have not had your system professionally maintained throughout its life, it may not last that long. There could be a circumstance where you have kept up with maintenance, but your air conditioner is nearing its 15th year, and it no longer makes sense to continue repairing it.

You may need to weigh the benefits of replacing your system versus repairing it before the summer comes. Choosing to replace your aging or neglected air conditioner is often the best way to avoid an expensive repair and losing your cool this summer. The money that you would spend to repair your unit could be better spent on a new and more energy-efficient unit that will help you save money on your energy costs from day one.

Don’t Forget to Do Your Part

Having your air conditioner professionally serviced before summer is a great start to keeping your cool this season. However, there is still more to be done on your part to keep it running efficiently throughout the season. The most important single thing you can do to help prevent problems is to make sure that you inspect your system’s air filter each month. If your filter is dirty, you must replace it to avoid compromising airflow to your system.

There are additional tasks you should perform throughout the cooling season to ensure that your air conditioner continues to run correctly and efficiently this summer, including:

  • Clearing away any grass, weeds, or other vegetation from around your outdoor unit
  • Keeping the aluminum fins on the condenser unit clean
  • Vacuuming dust, hair, and other debris from air vent grills
  • Not covering air intakes and air vents with rugs or furniture

Be Energy Smart Throughout Your Entire Home

For some households, the cost to cool your home with central air conditioning could account for almost 40% of your monthly electric bill. To compensate for this increase while still being able to enjoy keeping your home comfortable, there are things you can do to conserve electricity around your home this summer, including:

  • Programming your thermostat to a higher temperature when you are away from home
  • Using ceiling fans in occupied rooms only
  • Switching to LED lighting in your home
  • Unplugging small appliances and electronics when not in use
  • Closing your blinds during the hottest part of the day

Know Who to Call for All Your Air Conditioning Needs

It is almost never too late to get back on track with maintaining your air conditioning system, and we can help. If you have skipped the last year or so, now is the time to schedule a maintenance service before putting your air conditioner back to work this summer.

You can rely on East Coast Heating & Air Conditioning for all your cooling maintenance, repair, and installation needs in Port Orange and the surrounding area. Contact us at (386) 767-1163 for prompt and courteous service.

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