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Do You Really Need a Wireless Thermostat?

Do You Really Need a Wireless Thermostat?
We live in a digital world that offers convenience at our fingertips. One trend that is certainly hard to miss in the heating and air conditioning world today is the increased demand for a wireless thermostat.

What is a wireless thermostat?
A wireless thermostat enables you to control the temperature of your home from a mobile device such as your smartphone or tablet. Most wireless thermostats will allow you to program a temperature schedule from your mobile device and even turn off or on your HVAC system. As you can imagine, a wireless thermostat can help to greatly improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce your utility bills.

How does a wireless thermostat work?
Instead of having a wired thermostat in your home, a main receiver is used and transmits information to the various wireless thermostats throughout your home. Your receiver needs to be placed close enough to the wireless thermostats throughout your home, and the exact specifications can vary depending on the brand that you choose. To ensure the best signal, you’ll want to make sure that your Port Orange HVAC professional handles the installation.

You’ll download an app on your mobile device to control the wireless thermostat. Once you specify adjustments to be made to your home’s temperature on your mobile device, this information will be transmitted via a radio signal between the receiver and the wireless thermostat.

It’s actually incredibly easy to use your smartphone or tablet to manage adjustments to your heating or air conditioning system, which is why wireless thermostats have become so attractive to homeowners and business owners alike.

But do you really need a wireless thermostat?
Of course, a wireless thermostat will typically cost more than a traditional one. However, manufacturers of wireless thermostats claim that significant energy savings will come from this investment as homeowners won’t constantly be running their air conditioning system during the summer or heating system during the winter.

Studies have shown that a programmable thermostat can offer you similar savings to a wireless thermostat. A wireless thermostat may be able to save you slightly more money if you travel frequently or if you are using it in a vacation home.

Overall, the convenience of being able to remotely adjust the temperature of your home is the biggest perk of a wireless thermostat. If you’re traveling during the hot summer months and don’t want to run your air conditioning while you’re out of town, you can use your phone to cool down the temperature of your home a few hours before you arrive to ensure a comfortable environment to come home to.

So, do you really need a wireless thermostat? Probably not. However, if you’re in to gadgets and place high value on convenience, spending a little more for a wireless thermostat could be advantageous for you.

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