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Comfortably Heat Your Home With A Zoned Air System

Comfortably Heat Your Home With A Zoned Air System
Lets face it, everyone has their ideal temperature they prefer to live, sleep, and work in. Dealing with a stuffy room or one that is far too cold can make any planned activity more frustrating and difficult. Even the most efficient heating systems can sometimes struggle to apply the exact same balanced temperature to every room and personal preference often doesn’t desire it that way.
The answer for your family home may be a zoned air system. With a zoned air system your family members can decide on the perfect temperature for them, without making it too hot or cold for anyone else.

What Do I Need To Know About A Zoned Air System?
The most basic zoned air system installation will consist of a programmable thermostat for each zone, damper installation within existing ductwork, and a central control panel. Many homes choose to utilize a simple two or three-zone system, typically upstairs and downstairs. You can customize it down to individual rooms but the price will increase with the number of zones you are adding. Your zoned air system will work with both heat and cooling so you will not need to worry about a different system for the warmer months of the year.

What Are The Benefits Of A Zoned Air System For Heating?
Beyond the increased comfort, one of the most appreciated benefits of using a zoned air system is the boost to efficiency. Having parts of your home that are cooler than others can cause your HVAC system to run more often than it should in an attempt to heat those areas, and vice versa during warmer times of year. By keeping the areas you prefer a little cooler to stay that way, you relieve your HVAC system of some excess work and energy. Overall this means lower energy bills for you. As smart homes become more popular, apps offering the ability to control from anywhere or including remote controls with your installation has added to the convenience. Finally, due to the simplicity of a zoned air system, repairs and replacements are rarely needed. You can expect it to outlive your HVAC system in most cases.

There is no need to suffer in a cold or stuffy room this winter. Get the most out of your heating system by ensuring the heat flows where its needed. For a reasonable upfront cost, you can lower your heating bills while increasing the overall efficiency and comfort within your home. For HVAC system repair, installation, or replacement, contact East Coast Heating And Air Conditioning.

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