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Businesses: Stop Flu Season In Its Tracks With HVAC Maintenance

Businesses: Stop Flu Season In Its Tracks With HVAC Maintenance
As summer gets closer, it’s essential to get HVAC maintenance for your business. HVAC maintenance is an aspect of facilities management all too easy to overlook – it’s often a priority in Florida’s fast-moving hospitality and tourism scene, but ends up on the back burner for many other businesses.
With the flu still active here in Florida and deaths expected to rise in the coming weeks, it has truly become more important than ever to ensure your HVAC is well-maintained.

That can protect your employees and your customers – and may even save their lives.

The Link Between HVAC Maintenance And Flu Season Survival
Even when the flu doesn’t have dangerous complications, your HVAC is key to keeping employees at their most productive. Flu symptoms make it difficult to focus on anything at work, and when personnel are forced to come in, they spread the virus.

This is especially serious in situations where staff members serve the public. No one wants to patronize a business that presents a risk of illness. Children, elders, and those with compromised immune systems are especially vulnerable in these cases.

For the solution, your HVAC system is vital.

In Florida as in other places, your HVAC is the centerpiece of your indoor air quality. According to the EPA, indoor air can be 10X more polluted than the air found outside – and the driving factor is HVAC maintenance.

When ducts, filters, and other components aren’t maintained, it’s easier for bacteria, viruses, allergens, and other irritants to collect in your HVAC. Disease-causing agents can flourish under these conditions while cycling through the air many times over.

In the worst case scenario, bad HVAC maintenance can actually causes illnesses to reappear weeks or even months after the original outbreak. That means your business could be dealing with a “flu season” of its own by October, November, or December.

Avoid Never-Ending Flu Season By Taking Action On HVAC Maintenance
If anyone at your company has come down with the flu over the last few weeks, now’s the time for maintenance.

A trustworthy enterprise HVAC team can ensure your system is clean, efficient, and operating at its peak. Not only does this help sustain a healthy environment, but it may drive down energy costs associated with maintaining the temperature you want.

Plus, it will protect you against pricey HVAC replacement by preventing system breakdowns. Of course, there are important hygiene practices everybody can engage in to combat the spread of flu. Encourage employees to cover their coughing, wash their hands regularly, and – yes – even take time off if the flu renders them hazardous to others.

Don’t forget, however, that your commercial HVAC system is your building’s lungs.
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