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Breathe Easier, Live Better: Five Reasons to have an HVAC Maintenance Plan

Breathe Easier
Your HVAC system delivers fresh, breathable air to every room in your home. It keeps you cool in the summer, warm in the winter and comfortable all year long. It’s an important part of your family, which is why having a HVAC maintenance plan in place is so important–to your health, happiness, comfort and bank account.
Here’s a look at five reasons to have a HVAC maintenance plan:

1. Save Money
Your home’s HVAC system works hard to keep you breathing easy. Morning, noon and night, it’s either warming you up or cooling you down. Over time, all this wear and tear can take a tool on the system’s components.

Heat exchangers, blower motors, coils and thermostats can go kaput, leaving you too hot, too cold and facing a hefty repair or replacement costs.

HVAC maintenance plans help prevent components from breaking down prematurely by allowing a skilled technician to check on the system, inspect its components and keep everything in proper running order.

Keeping your system in proper running order can also significantly expand its lifespan–reducing the need for a costly

2. Breathe Better
There are a lot of allergens floating around the average home. Dust, animal dander, pollen and even dead bugs can collect in your HVAC system, leading to poor air quality.

Regular checkups gives your service technician an opportunity to clean up the system, clear out the dust and make sure there are fewer allergens floating around in your home. This allows you and your family to breathe better throughout the year.

3. Energy Efficiency
HVAC systems are a lot like car engines–the better they are cared for, the more efficiently they’re going to run. And sometimes it’s the simple things that cause systems to work harder than they should be, reducing their efficiency.

Bent coil fins, blocked condensate drains and dirty air filters can cause your system to work harder than it should to cool and heat your home. And the harder it’s working, the higher your energy bills are going to be.

Regular HVAC maintenance inspections allow you to identify and fix the small stuff before it winds up costing you extra money month after month. They also help you fix the little issues before they become bigger problems that require wholesale replacements.

4. Expert Service
Somethings are better left to the experts, including HVAC maintenance.
HVAC systems include a lot of little parts and moving components. Each is connected to the next and even one loose wire can wind up causing the entire system to fail.

That’s why having an expert inspect your system on a regular basis is invaluable. They inspect the wiring, clean and lubricate the components, check the fuel lines, calibrate the pressure in the fuel line, clean it and identify potential problems.

It can be complicated–but not for a highly trained, skilled and experienced technician.

5. Consistency and Convenience
Sometimes it can be easy to overlook your HVAC system, especially when you’re not noticing any obvious problems. That’s why so many people forget to check it out on a regular basis, change the filters and try to proactively find little problems before they become bigger.

Having a HVAC maintenance plan makes sure you never miss an inspection. You sign up and a technician contacts you when it’s time. It’s consistent and it’s convenient.

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