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As Weather Warms Up, Don’t Forget About Heating Maintenance In Florida

As Weather Warms Up
As you read this, weather has turned the corner for the season here in Port Orange. Over the next few days, the average high will stand about 80deg before dipping back down for a bit.
After that, it’ll be a short way to warm temperatures in March and lots of hours with our good friend the air conditioning system. It’s easy to forget about your heater in that time.

But don’t do it!

Heating and cooling functions are combined for most Florida homes with a central HVAC system. With that in mind, now is the perfect time to schedule your annual maintenance.

By scheduling maintenance now, you ensure problems don’t crop up unexpectedly in the far away future called “the winter of 2020.” What’s more, your AC will be prepared for summer, when breakdowns happen most often.

Here are the key signs you may need maintenance:

1. Odd Smells
When a heating system is started for the first time in a while, it may have a musty odor. This should fade within an hour or two of use. If it doesn’t, you may need to change or clean your air filter. If smells persist, something may be in your vents and maintenance is a good idea.

2. Unusual Noises
Any unusual noises from your heating system point to a mechanical problem. This can include banging, screeching, or clanking. Typically, this indicates an internal component is in need of repair or replacement, though vent blockage can be a contributor here as well.

3. Cool Air
Naturally, you want cool air to come out of your air conditioning. If you are running the heater and you get lukewarm or cool air, you may have a deeper problem with your unit. Burners can shut off to protect the heat exchanger due to air flow issues in the system.

4. Higher Energy Bills
High energy bills are often a concern in the summer when AC usage peaks. Your heater has the potential to use just as much electricity, but be wary. Compare bills from the same time last year to ensure they aren’t rising – if they are, your heater may be getting inefficient.

5. Inaccurate Temperature Readings
Inaccurate temperature readings can strike both your air conditioning and heat functions. They indicate a problem with your thermostat, which typically needs to be replaced. Investing in a programmable thermostat can save you money on heat in the long run.

6. System Cycling On And Off
System cycling is a major problem. It wastes a large amount of electricity and can mean your system never actually reaches the desired temperature. There can be many reasons for cycling, but any of them indicate performance has been compromised and help is needed.

Solve Heating Problems Before They Start With East Coast Heating & Air Conditioning
No matter what symptoms your system is experiencing, regular residential maintenance is the key to fixing it. Maintenance extends the life of your system, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars compared to buying a new unit – not to mention the inconvenience of a broken heater.

Our team of expert HVAC professionals treats your time and property with respect and gets the job done right. With years of experience, we’re the trusted name in residential and commercial service. We will always go the extra mile for you.

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