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Air Conditioning is a Safety Matter for Florida Businesses

Air Conditioning is a Safety Matter for Florida Businesses
It’s March, and Floridians know what that means: Air conditioners will be running well into the fall! Many areas of Florida had a mild, but long-lasting winter this year. Now, the heat is starting to settle in. Of course, that means many residences will be using the air conditioner throughout the day for a good portion of the year to come.
However, businesses need to be just as alert to air conditioning issues.

Ensuring you can maintain a comfortable temperature is great for your team and your productivity. Overheated employees are more prone to get sick and to need time away from work. Plus, the public appreciates being able to get out of the heat for a while by visiting you.

As recent news headlines have shown, though, it’s even more important than all that.

Commercial enterprises depend on the best air conditioning services to succeed.

Good Air Conditioning Protects Your People and Your Investments
AC isn’t just a convenience in Florida – it’s an essential part of doing business.

If you’re not so sure, consider this recent news from Health First, a nonprofit community health system right here in the Sunshine State. Due to an air conditioner malfunction, they found themselves scrambling to protect high-value IT equipment relied on for various functions at their hospitals.

The event was reported online by Florida Today.

Now, if you happen to know a thing or two about computers, you might be thinking that high-end servers usually have their own specialized cooling machinery – and that’s true. However, even when that equipment is running in a designated “cool room,” it can’t do all the work by itself.

It depends upon the temperature of its surroundings to function.

When the air conditioning system broke down unexpectedly, Health First employees found themselves having to turn off the computer systems to avoid permanent damage to expensive hardware. Of course, if advanced equipment runs too hot, it could be completely destroyed.

Florida landlords should also think seriously about the value of trustworthy air conditioners in multi-family residential properties. Sure, it’s true that Florida law does not require landlords to provide an air conditioning, but word will quickly get around, potentially siphoning off tenants from your property.

In the height of summer, many places in Florida are all but unlivable without adequate cooling!

March Means Time to Take Care of Air Conditioning Issues
No matter whether you’re talking about the health of employees, tenants, or even your vital equipment, your AC is an indispensable part of managing your work environment.

And March is the perfect time to have a qualified professional give your HVAC a good looking-over.

It might take as little as one hour to check on your air conditioner’s key components and perform some basic maintenance – adding new coolant and replacing filters, for example. It can all be done around your business schedule with no disruption to your day-to-day routine.

That could save your enterprise lots of money – and the embarrassment of an AC hiccup making news.

East Coast Heating and Air Conditioning is always here to help you get the best performance out of your heating and cooling devices. Regular maintenance goes a long way toward avoiding costly repairs. It even helps lower cost of ownership – so it’s best for your business all the way around.

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