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4 Warning Signs Your Heating System Needs Help for the Winter

4 Warning Signs Your Heating System Needs Help for the Winter
Although most of Florida tends to enjoy a toasty November, December and can January bring an unusual guest to Sunshine State homes: The cold.
Sure, we don’t have to worry about slush and snow, digging out the driveway, or warming up the car – but when you’re used to temperatures in the 90s, waking up to a brisk 55 can be a shock. Naturally, it’s your residential heating system to the rescue.

Your air conditioning may see lots of use in a year (and summer is a great time to maintain your AC), but it’s rare for Floridians to turn up the heat. It’s important to recognize that though your heater and AC are often the same unit, one function can be working while the other falls flat. This is most common when it comes time to turn your heater on at the start of winter.

The faster you get heater issues solved, the easier since small problems can quickly develop into big ones. So, if you notice any unusual issues, you should call a service technician right away.

Keep an eye out for these signs:

1. Odd Odor When Heater First Starts Up
If you haven’t used your heater in close to a year, it’s not unusual for it to have a musty smell the very first time you start it up. However, this should clear up within about an hour and definitely be done by the end of the first day of use. If it continues, a dirty or faulty air filter is the most obvious culprit – but there can also be a deeper problem requiring maintenance.

2. Heater Blows Out Cool Air
Your heating system will never get as cold as your AC unless a thermostat problem is causing it to malfunction – often caused by low batteries. That said, a heater can certainly blow lukewarm air that isn’t very satisfying and won’t warm up a home. Ductwork is the next thing to check for in an electric system. Remember, it’s normal for hot air to take a minute or two on startup.

3. Heater Blows Continuously
All kinds of efficiency problems could be the root cause of a heating system blowing too much. You may not notice it at first, but once you realize the heater rarely seems to turn off, it’s hard to ignore. Any kind of airflow issue can be at fault – old filters, clogged ductwork, and degradation of many internal components.

4. Monthly Electric Bills Go Way Up
If your heater runs too much, it will probably have a drastic effect on your next energy bill. However, there are some other good reasons that are even less noticeable. For example, aging thermostat sensors can cause the system to misread the temperature and work harder to reach a target temperature that’s already been achieved.

If any of these dilemmas strike your heating system, it’s important to contact a qualified heating and air conditioning technician as soon as you have the chance. Although your heater might not fail entirely, its performance will continue to go down while cost of ownership goes up.

A Florida winter can get uncomfortable, especially at night, so don’t hesitate to reach out to the pros. For the help you need, contact East Coast Heating and Air Conditioning today.

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