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4 “Outside the Box” Questions That Reveal HVAC Maintenance Problems

4 "Outside the Box" Questions That Reveal HVAC Maintenance Problems
It’s May, and for Floridians, that means summer is all but here. What most people think of as “spring” lasts only a short time in much of the Sunshine State. From March to mid-September, many locals will be experiencing “spummer.” The change is particularly striking for those living inland in the central part of the state. It can feel like the weather transformed overnight. Once it does, the higher heat and humidity is here to stay.
That means your air conditioner has to work much harder to keep things cool. In the worst case, you might find an older unit gives out under the pressure and stops working entirely.

No matter how old your system is, it’s a good idea to get HVAC maintenance done before the first heat wave hits. If you start now, there’s just enough time to make sure you’re running at peak efficiency.

Still, it’s not an open and shut case. Although a skilled HVAC maintenance professional can work things out by observing and testing your equipment, your input can make the process even better.

Technicians can determine whether the system is working as it should, but they can’t tell whether it’s fully meeting your needs unless you talk to them. Sometimes, though, it’s easy to overlook cues that suggest you need to update or replace equipment.

When working with your HVAC team, consider these questions:

1. If I Could Add A New Thermostat, Where Would It Go?
Thinking about where you’d put a second thermostat reveals interesting usage patterns, especially in larger homes. Often, this tells you what the least comfortable room in the house is. You may need to improve a room’s airflow by cleaning or widening ducts or by adding insulation.

2. Am I Satisfied With Last Summer’s Cooling Bill?
In Florida, the difference between autumn and summer can represent hundreds of extra dollars on your cooling bill. Instead of looking at recent months, pull your bill from last summer: If it’s more than you’d like, pursue energy efficiency with new equipment or air duct improvements.

3. If I Could Change The Size Of My HVAC Equipment, What Would I Do?
Older structures have a tendency to have air conditioning equipment that’s both larger and less efficient than it should be. This leads to HVAC maintenance issues and ultimately a breakdown. Your HVAC technician can run a load calculation to determine what size unit will work best.

4. When Did My System Fail Me Or Under-Perform Last Summer?
For all the money you invest in cooling the house during the summer, your AC should always work like a charm. Performance can vary significantly depending on outside temperature. If a unit failed to cool the house at a given temperature, heat loss through the attic may be the culprit.

Keep Cool This Summer With East Coast Heating & Air Conditioning
Even if you’re totally pleased with your system’s performance, HVAC maintenance before the summer is a smart move. It will ensure that you can catch any small problems that might grow into big ones – and lead to an equipment failure – when the heat is really on.

East Coast Heating & Air Conditioning is always here to resolve your HVAC issues fast. Our experienced team understands the issues that arise under Florida’s high-heat conditions, and we install, repair, and maintain all major HVAC brands. For help, contact us today.

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