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3 Steps To Easy Air Quality Improvement

3 Steps To Easy Air Quality Improvement
Maintaining your indoor air quality is a year-round goal for most, but the cooler weather of the late fall and winter can make this task more challenging. If you are looking for simple and low-cost ways to improve the quality of your air then look no further. Here are 3 ways you can give your home a fresh air makeover.
Going All Natural
Nearly everyone enjoys nicely scented clothes coming out of the dryer, but could you be overdoing it with the scented products? Not every air quality issue is the result of bacteria, sometimes it is the chemicals in the products we use to keep things clean and fresh that do the most damage. Making the switch to natural or fragrance-free products can often give the air in your home a boost. While you may have little interest in “going green”, the chemicals released by many scented items as well as cleaning products and aerosol sprays can release volatile organic compounds that are known to be harmful to health. Breathing issues, throat irritation, and eye irritation can all be signs of this trouble. If you find yourself regularly spraying air freshener, it may be time to tackle the source of the problem and end the routine cover-up.

Good Habits And Easy Additions
As far as simplicity goes, there are several quick and easy changes that can help improve your home’s air without breaking the bank. The first is to purchase a doormat and to embrace leaving your shoes at the door. This is already popular in many homes and this habit cuts down on a variety of bacteria and pollutants regularly tracked in and around homes every day. Purchasing a few easy to care for houseplants can also provide some freshness in addition to looking pleasing. If you or a family member is a smoker, strongly consider smoking only outside if you do not plan to quit. This change will have a significant impact on the air quality within your home and make it safer for all. Last but certainly not least, allow fresh air in through the windows from time to time, even on cooler days. Air stuck in an enclosed and well-insulated space can grow stale after a while. Fresh, cool air may be just the pick-me-up you need.

The Role Of Your HVAC
Having clean air is what home and business owners should strive for. Sadly the best tool for achieving cleaner air is often neglected. HVAC systems are ideal for improving air quality as long as they are maintained with proper upkeep. Even small steps such as upgrading from basic filters to better rated, anti-allergen filters can make an impact. Keep in mind that the fresh air your HVAC system brings inside may not actually be as perfect as you think. The only thing that can prevent air quality-reducing contaminants from coming along for the ride is a powerful filter. Regular maintenance on both your air conditioner and heat pump will address the buildup of dust and dirt on components and keep them from being released into your home or business.

Improving or maintaining the quality of your air indoors doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of easy, free, or low-cost ways to address these issues and get your home back to smelling sweet. Don’t forget to utilize your HVAC unit to its full potential for the best results. For HVAC sales, service and installation, contact East Coast Heating And Air Conditioning today.

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